The Wild Hare Kits Unboxing Video – November 2018

My November 2018 hand-curated kit from The Wild Hare Kits is so fun and bright and fabulous and great and .. well, you get where I am going with this!?

For this month’s kit I filled out my The Wild Hare Kit, Style Profile asking Alison Girling, the founder at Wild Hare, for fun, bright, every day family focused supplies. In October, I had the opportunity to visit my family in Alberta (so lots of eating, cards, playing outside) and as well visit family in New Brunswick (again lots of eating, cards, beer tasting, playing outside). I wanted to document these amazing memories in a fun, bright way.

Check out my unboxing video to see all that I received for these projects:

Right! Now you see where I was going with the fun and bright and fabulous and great list? Did you see that amazing acrylic We Are Family from Bramble Fox? Obsessed!

I have already started making some projects with the kit. First project on deck is based on this month’s The Wild Hare Kits sketch … which I am pretty excited about, maybe because I created it and I think it is so fun. Sort of nerve racking really but also so exciting! Hope you play along. I would love any feedback.

Thanks for watching my video –  links to the unboxing videos of the rest of The Wild Hare Kits Design Team are linked below the video on YouTube.

Creations made from this kit coming soon to this blog, The Wild Hare Kits Blog  and all our various and exciting Instagram accounts: @thewildharekits @scrapstorian and @brandedavison.


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