Sketchtorian is the home of our sketches, all drawn by Shar. They are hand drawn with a lot of inspiration and a little bit of whimsy. We’d love to see what you do with them!

A note from Shar:
I know my sketches are a little different then the mainstream beautiful sketches that are out there right now; they are a little messy and doodley and not computer created for a couple of reasons:
1) I am a scrapbooker so playing on paper with any object from glue to a papermate is just dang awesome;
2) They are meant to inspire and assist your layout instead of dictate it. I would be so delighted to know that my sketch inspired the smallest of details like a random brad in the top right corner or a tilt of a photo on your layout. If you want to do a complete replica, that would be just awesome as well.

I love to doodle, I love to doodle sketches and I have spent over 10 years helping fellow scrapbookers by doodling my ideas; I usually am too excited to verbalize in a way that can be interpreted!

Sketchtorian IX



Check out our takes on the sketch here and here.


Sketchtorian VIII – A Digi Sketch



Check out Cheryl’s take on sketching, using a Silhouette Cameo here.

Sketchtorian VII – August 2014 Sketch



Sketchtorian VI – July 2014 Sketch



Sketchtorian V – June 2014 Sketch



Sketchtorian IV – May 2014 Sketch



Sketchtorian III – April 2014 Sketch



Find our DT takes on the sketch here, here and here.

Sketchtorian II – March 2014 Sketch



Find our DT takes on the sketch here, here and here.

Sketchtorian I – February 2014 Sketch



Find our DT takes on the sketch here, here and here.


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