A Pilgrim’s Traveler’s Notebook

Wow, have traveler’s notebooks (TNs) changed my life – no more random post it notes, notes on my phone, on the fridge, remember this and forget it instantly moments, lists in random places, and more. I have been using a TN for my everyday life now since spring (yes I am late to the party) and I love it. A big thank you to my sister-in-scrapbooking here at Scrapstorian, Cheryl, for mentoring me in the TN realm.

With a six week hike through France, Spain and Portugal (where I will complete portions of a variety of different Camino de Santiago routes) around the corner, it’s clear the icing on the cake for this adventure will be a special TN! I had so much fun putting the perfect adventure TN together over the last few weeks and am here to share my final, ready to depart Camino TN.

You can check out the walk through video I did of my Camino TN on our YouTube channel.

My TN was possible thanks to the cover from MAKER THIRTY FIVE, the 3mm graph notebook inserts from Chelsea Paper Co on Etsy.ca (for journaling), the blank white paper notebook from The 1407 Planners team (for sketching), the weekly calendar printables also from The 1407 Planners (for organizing and to-do lists), my TN charm from Blue Moon Beads (a gift from Cheryl), washi or masking sticker sets from Ver Paper, paper clips and ribbon from Cheryl, and various items from my scrapbooking inventory to decorate and make it really feel like my own.

I cannot wait to get on the plane in five sleeps and start writing and sketching!

~ Brande

Scrapbooker + Story teller + Historian = Scrapstorian. Are you a Scrapstorian?


  1. Fantastic first video!!! love it and I will share… this is a great resource!!!!! I can see many using this as a how to! Well done and the book looks awesome! Im excited to see it filled and would love to see a video of post trip TN!

  2. That is so cool Brande!!! And…you have always talked with your hands. It was fantastic to hear your voice again.

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