Flip Through – Travelers Notebook, Newfoundland with Shar


It’s Shar here! I am up on the blog today excited to share the link to my TN flip through video of our trip to Newfoundland! For this TN – I had a ton of fun using more traditional mini scrapbook page layouts which was a wee bit different from the previous styles i have used before.

I have officially used 6 different types of “scrapbooking” to document some of my trips:

  1. Traditional 12X12
  2. Pocket page 12X12
  3. Pocket page 6X8 (Simple Stories style)
  4. 5X7+/- instax doodle&doc travel notebook
  5. A large multimedia art book Smash Up – yes its a thing!
  6. The featured here – 5X8 TN with trad TN scrap pages

All of them were fun to put together and I am not really sure I have a favorite just yet. However, one thing i did find consistent among them all (excluding #1 for obvious reasons) is I missed creating a straight up tradition 12X12 lay out! So starting with my latest – Newfoundland trip (pictured below) I have decided to create a trip “snapshot” 12X12 for my chronological year albums.

So now I will go back and repeat the same for my #2-5 books – giving a little sneak peek at the memories each trip holds within my “that year’s” scrapbook!

Oh wait, before i go….there is also a flip through video of #5 Album, here is the link if you wanted to take a gander!

Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the flip through!


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