Mixing Collections – Yes, you can do it!

“How do you do that?!”

If there’s anything I do that prompts this question, it’s mix papers from different manufacturers. Could it be my one crafty superpower?!

Probably not, I’m pretty sure everything I know I learned from Shimelle … 😉

What I find most interesting about mixing paper from different collections or manufacturers is not who does it or doesn’t, but why are people so afraid of it? What could go wrong? (The common answer – sometimes a joke, sometimes not – is, “Everything.”)

I promise everything will not go wrong. The scrapbook gods will not smite you if you mix Echo Park with Simple Stories or Studio Tekturek with My Mind’s Eye – or even all four! (I might even have a layout to prove it.) You just might stretch that creative muscle and make something fabulous.

I’m testing my You can find Paper in your Stash to Mix & Match with any Collection theory with Strawberry Shake, and I’ll take you through the process.

Here are a few guidelines* to think about:
1. The base colour of your initial paper/collection: Is it a pure, crisp white? An off-white or cream?
2. The colour theme: Is it bright? Primary? Muted? What are the main colours?
3. The general “vibe” of the collection: Is it cute and cartoonish? Vintage and distressed? Water-coloured or painted?
4. The theme: Travel? (not these days …) Seasonal? Holiday?
5. The main motifs or elements: Are there flowers? Butterflies? Cameras? Rainbows?

*I will never call them rules. Rules are silly and have no place in my scrapbook room.

In my mind, all the papers you see above coordinate with Strawberry Shake, but for different reasons. Some have a similar “vibe” like the beach houses or the rainbows, some have similar colours, and some are basic black and white patterns. The best way to explain this is to talk through it, hopefully. 😉

I would love to hear your thoughts and I absolutely want to know if you try this. Please tell me if you have any more questions or other ideas for mixing collections.

Thanks for stopping by!


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