It’s the scrap happiest time of the year …

December 2020, folks. It is here. We have made it! (I’m pretty sure we all deserve a high five/cocktail/break/ vat of coffee/etc for that alone.)

I’ve completed a December Daily album every year since 2012, and, on one or two occasions, felt some level of ambivalence towards the process. One year, December just didn’t feel very celebratory, and one year I felt like I had no “good” ideas. This year, I feel like everything & anything is worth celebrating and am looking forward to pictures of all things sparkly, shiny and festive.

I’m starting with a Simple Stories SN@P Flipbook in black (with extra pages, of course) and the Studio Tekturek Very Much Merry Collection. The collection is so cheerful and cute; it just makes me smile! To compliment that, I added in some 3×5 pocket cards & ephemera from Cocoa Vanilla Studio Merry & Bright, embellishments from Rosie’s Studio Most Wonderful Time & Rudolph & Friends.

I don’t always do a pocket style album, but it definitely makes preparation easier! I started with some foundation pages – which really is just a fancy way to say I filled those pockets with pretty papers. šŸ˜‰
To ground all the colours I want to use, I decided all of the full 6×8 pages would be backed with black. I love these patterns, and I think the black actually helps them stand out even more.

Very Much Merry blends so well with the ST Peach Christmas collection too. Look at how cute these layered 4×6 pieces are!

It also mixes well with the cards from Merry & Bright. The pinks, reds & light blues are just so pretty.

With some of the groundwork done, I moved on to the cover. December Daily starts to feel real to me once the cover is done, so I generally do it first and use it to introduce the colour scheme I plan to carry through the album.

If you’d like to hear a little rambling about how I prepped these pages, you’re in luck. šŸ˜‰ I turned over an hour and a half of cutting and rearranging into a completely reasonable 20 minute video. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!

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