Hello Strawberry Shake!

Hey friends, Cheryl dropping in with a quick update on a new design team adventure. If you follow us on Instagram (we ❀ Insta), you might have seen my “aaahhhhh, first DT ever” announcement about the Studio Tekturek Dream Team a few months back. I am excited to share my first box of goodies with you! (Stupid Covid has a way of wrecking timelines.)

Studio Tekturek, designed by the super talented Ewa, is back! I’ve loved past collections (One Way Ticket is just amazing) but didn’t have a retailer near me that stocked them, so I jumped at the chance to apply for the team.

The summer 2020 collection Strawberry Shake more than lives up to its colourful older siblings. It’s bright, happy vibes are perfect to scrapbook your summer stories – yes, even for a summer like this one, that is nothing like anyone imagined. Summer 2020 still has good stories to tell. They may be harder to find but they are there. This advice is as much for me as you. πŸ˜‰

Here’s a quick, very excited look at the products:

(Sorry about the title mistake! I’ll fire my video editor. πŸ˜‰ )

Thanks for stopping by!


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