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Hey friends! Cheryl here. Three months into the year may be a bit late for a planner review, but here we are. (We still have nine left?!)

Let’s be honest, these are strange times. We’re all staying close to home, looking for things to do to keep us sane (and safe). With that in mind, why not take a look at the planner I’m using this year? Maybe you’re using some of this unplanned downtime to get creative or get organized. Maybe you’re just looking for a distraction. I can work with that too.

(No pressure if you’re not creating, organizing or even wanting to be distracted. If you’re getting through the day, that’s a win!)

Alright, on to the distraction of the day. As 2019 was winding down, I was using my planners (yes, plural) less and less. I was overwhelmed, despite having downsized my stash. A variety of sizes and styles of traveler’s notebooks, Midoris and more was just too much. I love to decorate TNs more than I love to plan in TNS, and I love to collect pretty dashboards more than use them. That was an expensive lesson, but one I am glad I learned. At least now I know. 😉

I was looking for one planner, just one, that I could use for daily notes and to dos, weekly spreads and a monthly calendar. I knew I could go back to my style of bullet journal, but didn’t need daily pages. On a random trip to Staples, I discovered a well priced (and pretty!) option that seemed like exactly what I needed. I bought it, and stashed it away to play with over the break between Christmas and New Year’s.

Let me introduce you to the Inkwell Press Weekly Planner.

I like the weekly layout, the space for notes and top priorities, the monthly review pages, the goal setting pages, monthly vision boards and the muted colour scheme that allows me to add whatever I feel like.

You can see more layout details in the video.

I’d love to know what planner you’re using this year; does it have space for all the twists and turns of 2020 so far? Is it working for you? What would you change about it? Let me know!

Stay home & stay healthy, scrappy friends.

~ CA

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