Take a TN Sketch to the Big Time

Hey all! I am so late to the game on this one … I was so young, hopeful and full of promise when I posted a few weeks ago  😉  and then, the end of June happened. I won’t apologize life getting busy; we all have jobs, kids, partners, puppies or any/all of the above and know how it can get. 

Now that summer vacation is officially here (and my calendar is pretty blank), I should be able to get back into a creative groove. (I might start small, and tackle a TN project I’ve been thinking about since Crop & Create. Watching Brande and Rosa bust out page after page in that format at our last scrap weekend was inspiring!)

The page I’m sharing today came about because of their awesome TN spreads. They each worked on a layout using Wei Wei Wang’s TN sketch, and I wanted in on the fun. I thought adapting a small sketch to a bigger page could be an interesting little challenge. 

The proportions of the TN spread are obviously different from a 12×12, so I built the layout on 8.5×11 paper, which helped me visualize the TN layout on a larger scale. 

I added some journaling space to each side, and backed the entire layout onto 12×12 paper, using up some so-old-it’s-discontinued Crate Paper/Maggie Holmes stash. Some black matts and outlines helped to keep things from blending into the background, and made my black title a little less lonely. 

It was fun to stretch my sketch muscle, and blow this one up a little. I mean, my sketch layouts don’t usually look like the sketch I start with, so why change now?!  🙂

Thanks for stopping by.



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