Flip Through – Brande’s 2018 Layouts

I did it – well most of it! I had 3 scrappy goals for 2018 …
1) to be more prolific (create everyday even if just 10 minutes),
2) work to win a spot on a Design Team (hello The Wild Hare Kits of amazing-ness), and
3) use my stamps on layouts (on anything for that matter).

I did great on the first two but the third is a work in progress. Stamping is on my 2019 scrappy goals list again but this year I will make stamping magic (or mess) happen!

Here is a quick video flip through of all the layouts I created in 2018 thanks to my scrappy goal #1 to be more prolific.

As noted in the video, I do not include any of my Traveler’s Notebooks (TNs) or layouts from The Wild Hare Kits in this flip through. I will do a 6 month mid Design Team year flip through for The Wild Hare Kits next month and do separate videos from my TNs.

If interested in checking out the TN videos I popped up on YouTube in 2018, check out Travelers Notebook – Hadrian’s Wall Path and Travelers Notebook with all things The Wild Hare Kits.

Thanks for watching!



  1. Really enjoyed this video! May just inspire a few scraplifts, and get me back scraping:) thanks for sharing

  2. TOTALLY FRIGGN EPIC! If this doesn’t inspire the masses.. .NOTHING will! How cool to see what you have created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you!!!!! SUPER STAR!

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