Flip Through – Brande’s 2018 Layouts

I did it – well most of it! I had 3 scrappy goals for 2018 …
1) to be more prolific (create everyday even if just 10 minutes),
2) work to win a spot on a Design Team (hello The Wild Hare Kits of amazing-ness), and
3) use my stamps on layouts (on anything for that matter).

I did great on the first two but the third is a work in progress. Stamping is on my 2019 scrappy goals list again but this year I will make stamping magic (or mess) happen!

Here is a quick video flip through of all the layouts I created in 2018 thanks to my scrappy goal #1 to be more prolific.

As noted in the video, I do not include any of my Traveler’s Notebooks (TNs) or layouts from The Wild Hare Kits in this flip through. I will do a 6 month mid Design Team year flip through for The Wild Hare Kits next month and do separate videos from my TNs.

If interested in checking out the TN videos I popped up on YouTube in 2018, check out Travelers Notebook – Hadrian’s Wall Path and Travelers Notebook with all things The Wild Hare Kits.

Thanks for watching!



  1. TOTALLY FRIGGN EPIC! If this doesn’t inspire the masses.. .NOTHING will! How cool to see what you have created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you!!!!! SUPER STAR!

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