Travelers Notebook – Hadrian’s Wall Path

Oh wow am I loving the Traveler’s Notebook (TN) format! 

So much so that I went immediately from my first TN documenting the days of my recent walk of the Arran Coastal Way in Scotland this summer (check out my TN flip through Travelers Notebook with all things The Wild Hare Kits) onto my next TN documenting my walk of the Hadrian’s Wall Path in 2008.

During this walk back in 2008, the weather was rather awful, I had some injuries and a crazy bad fever I think from 20+ spider bites, and did the walk on my own  – so I don’t have a lot of photos. This was before selfies were, well, selfies. However, in my usual ‘keep everything’ style (sometimes called a pack rat by my family) I had loads of receipts, brochures, train tickets, etc. and kept a journal of everything in a little scribbler. All the stuff that makes a TN a great TN so how could I resist creating another.

Here is a flip through of my Hadrian’s Wall Path TN:

A complete list of products (with links) used in my Hadrian’s TN are on YouTube. 

I would love if you would share any of your TN tips and tricks in comments below or on the Scrapstorian YouTube channel. I am a TN amateur but also a a TN sponge and would love to learn even more about this format before I start the next one which will be about my West Highland Way walk in 2008.

Thanks for watching!  


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