All About Summer

Summer come back, don’t leave us!

Not sure what the weather is looking like around your place but around here it is nearing the end of summer and I am not ready for it to be over. Already the Halloween goodies are out for sale in the store and, believe it or not, I received a Stampin’ Up Catalogue in the mail yesterday and it was all about Christmas. Too soon!

Pinkfresh Studio is channeling the same keep-summer-around-vibe as I am -their Pinkfresh Studio August 2018 Challenge is literally “all about SUMMER”.


The Pinkfresh Studio challenge features lots of pastels, warm summer vibes, and is perfect for their new collection Pinkfresh Studio Simple & Sweet. This collection is everything summer – lemons, cold drinks, golds, lots of calm colours and, in their usual amazing fashion, is designed with a very white and clean design concept. Absolutely beautiful! Everything summer should be!

Our local scrapbook store Precious Memories in British Columbia, where I teach scrapbooking classes, has brought in the last few releases of Pinkfresh Studio, including the latest Simple & Sweet. The owner knows this is one of my favourite companies and has worked to make it available in our community. How amazing is that!

I have taken full advantage of having such beautiful products at my local store and used every collection as the basis for a scrapbooking class. My favourite so far was an entire mini-album using Pinkfresh Studio, Let Your Heart Decide complete with 30 personal reflection journalling prompts inspired directly by the collection ephemera.

Well now that I have my hands on the Simple & Sweet collection I had to roll this out as a class as well – it is just too pretty to resist. My class design this time is also inspired by the Pinkfresh Studio August 2018 Challenge. I too am not ready for summer to leave us and thought that like myself and Pinkfresh there might be a few folks around here in British Columbia who also feel the same way. Probably more than a few.

This new class features many of the pattern papers of the Pinkfresh Studio Simple & Sweet collection and of course the ephemera pack, which are always a favourite. I generally design each class, including this one, so students leave with four 12×12 scrapbook pages – one double page layout and two single page layouts.

I also try and include a trend or design concept. For this class I am showing folks that its ok and in fact pretty amazing when you use a dark contrast colour (like black) with really light or white pattern collection; how to take advantage of the A and B side of a pattern paper; and how to add a little colour to black and white pattern paper with mists.

Taking My Sweet Time

The double page layout of the class is all about keeping things bright and light. I was inspired by the  Pinkfresh Studio August 2018 Challenge and the lemons in the ephemera pack for this layout. I love how calm the pages look. I will use this layout to shows folks how to use the A and B side of a pattern paper to give your page the look of more product and diversity without any more than the original paper you intended to use.


Present & In Awe

The first of the single page layouts of the class is all about taking advantage of the amazing patterns the Pinkfresh Studio lines offer to create what looks like intricate pages but really they are quite simple. Let the pattern paper do the work I say! This is the first page where the class will use black cardstock with these bright and white patterns to create contrast. I have a feeling this will feel a little odd for the class but they will like the final design.



The second of the single page layouts is all about ephemera. I have had a few students ask how they can use multiple die cuts or ephemera on a page. They see many scrapbookers layer and tuck multiple ephemera and it looks great but they are not able to achieve that same look. Oh they sure can. Pinkfresh Studio ephemera is made for layering and tucking and adding in my opinion, and I will show the class just how easy and fun it is. This class also dabbles a little bit in using mists and reiterates the dark contracts concept.


The Simple & Sweet Summer class will be running in September.






  1. I love the LO templates they are super cute easy to use… and modify to any theme!

    LOVE LOVE. When I started layering and playing it was intimidating!!!! – what to add where how much is too much etc, and now as someone whom loves lots of layers and using bling and emphemera and die cuts and anything that can can be bunched and or scattered- i can appreciate how awesome these are- great example of how to add a little more and where!

    def will be using these for my next scrap-lifting! Love it so much!!

    PS-That is the most adorable set seriously how adorable and wonderful! WOW!

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