Love Me Some Puffy Stickers

2,386 … the number of stickers I had in my sticker book collection when I was wee gal!

Oh I loved collecting stickers. I had them sorted in a big red photo album. I would trade with friends and cousins and any penny I was given or earned would go to buying more stickers. I would reorganize the stickers by colour, type, or theme over and over again. I would open the pages of the album to scratch and sniff the grape smell or cotton candy, tilt the page to see the glitter reflect, and lovingly rub the puffy stickers. The puffy sticker come back for planning and scrapbook floods me with amazing memories of my sticker book collection. I feel like a kid again and am loving every minute of it!

Well, when it comes to puffy stickers, the amazing team at Pinkfresh Studios are rocking it. All of there collections come with coordinating puffy  stickers not to mention their alpha puffy stickers of every colour in the Pink Fresh rainbow. I cannot get enough of them.  So imagine my glee when I discovered the Pinkfresh Studios – May Challenge was all about puffy stickers. Whoop Whoop! Oh and to top it off the colour palette is perfect for their collection A Case of the Blahs which I recent had to get my hands on. Another whoop whoop!

Here is a peek at the Pinkfresh Studios – May Challenge:

I spread out the collection A Case of the Blahs and that remaining 1 inch of photos from my 2013 hike in Scotland with my sister – which I am trying to finish scrapping before we leave on our next hike in Scotland in a couple of months. The photos of us signalling the day of the trip while sipping our mid-day-or-evening-hike-pints and the sayings in the A Case of the Blahs was a perfect combo. I would have to make it a double page layout with 6 photos but hey that just means more puffy stickers! Yes please!

Here is how my double page, puffy sticker challenge layout turned out:


I wanted the layout to look a lot like a supersized Travelers Notebook – lots of clusters of fun puffy stickers, flat stickers, stamps, and my own writing all over the place. A quick snapshot of the distance we hiked, which town to what town, and a little highlight of the day. I love how it worked out all messy-like. It was so fun just totally going for it!

I used lots of the A Case of the Blahs collection (puffy stickers, stickers, alphas) and their On Our Way stamp set to make it all come together. I recently won a gift certificate from Pinkfresh and was so excited to use it to get my hands on this Brandi Kincaid stamp set. She is my sketch hero! HUGE thanks Pinkfresh – my goodies are loved!

A huge thanks to Pinkfresh for the amazing product to work with and permission to go puffy sticker cray-cray!



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