Scrapstorian Goes Wild

Have you heard of Wild Hare Kits yet? What excitement, what fun, what an adventure …

Wild Hare Kits is a new scrapbooking company that creates personally curated scrapbook kits just for you. Seriously, for you! It’s like your crafty bestie who knows your style and knows what projects you are working on sends you the perfect “thought you might need some of this” gift in the mail.

We are wild for Wild Hare Kits over here at Scrapstorian. Each of us filled in an online style profile, ordered our kit, received our happy mail, and eeeeeek they are perfect!  We decided to each video the unboxing of our kits to showcase how wonderfully Wild Hare Kits curated three different kits for three different scrapbookers with very different styles and projects! A Wild Hare Kits mic drop!

Check out our unboxing video on the Scrapstorian You Tube channel at Wild Hare Unboxing x3.

For more info about Wild Hare Kits, head over to or check them out on Instagram @thewildharekits. Have fun!  

~ Brande

Scrapbooker + Story teller + Historian = Scrapstorian. Are you a Scrapstorian?

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