The Magic of Disney – Album 1/2

If you had the opportunity to see my blog post and corresponding video flipping through my scrapbook The Magic of Disney 2012 (Album 1/2) you may have noticed that we all had coordinating t-shirts on … we did, by design and here is why.

If you have been to Disney and then come home to scrapbook you quickly learn that sometimes there is so much going on in the photos that they are actually hard to scrap. You take too many, there are too many colours in each photo to pick a palette, the days all run together and you don’t know which photo is from which day, etc. Learning this the hard way from a prior trip, my sister and I decided to solve this before we even departed.

We made shirts! We picked a theme for every day based on what park we were visiting and created themed coordinating shirts for each of us. We found the comfy shirts in the same solid colours for all of us and then used iron on transfers to add character pictures from the internet to them. For the day we were visiting the brand new, opened that year, Cars Land we each had red t-shirts with our favourite Cars character on it. I had Tow Mater and still love that shirt. This concept created a consistency in the photos for easier scrapbooking, provided a lot of opportunity to talk to people at the park who kept asking which shop we bought our shirts in, and it was super easy to spot each other in the crowd!

Here is another short video flip-through of my second album, The Magic of Disney 2012 (Album 2/2).

~ Brande

Scrapbooker + Story teller + Historian = Scrapstorian. Are you a Scrapstorian?

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  1. Oh man I love it!!!!!! I think that was the album you feel in love with “WASABI” he he tape!
    Also you were the one that made those amazing shirts! Man the work you put into them… seriously B! XO

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