A Challenge for All!

It’s Shar – yes I am still here! I have not been very active over the past several months so I am happy to be on the blog today. It feels like having a great cup of coffee with an old friend.

Life gets super busy for us all and when it does, I, like many of us, sacrifice my creative/scrapbooking time, which does not feel good at all. Since our last crop weekend (several months ago), I have walked by my scrapbook room so many times thinking, “Oh wouldn’t it be nice to have some time to do up a page,” or, “I should really make some time to get a page or two done,” or “Darn it, I have so many projects I want to do I just don’t have the time.” All those statements make me feel worse and drive me further away from starting ANYTHING creative!

I had to smack myself out of negotiating/sacrificing my scrapbook time and find a way to MAKE TIME that would be FUN, EASY, EXCITING and MANAGEABLE … Hmm, how to do this?

Ta Da … STUCK?! SKETCHES and here’s why:

1. Laura Whitaker’s sketches are a FUN FAVORITE among us here at Scrapstorian so that checks off FUN!
2. The inspiration we get from her designs make putting together an awesome page EASY! – another check
3. Stuck Sketches releases TWO sketches per month, EXCITING! another checkity check check
4. Even if I only do 2 layouts per month based on the released sketches, that is highly MANAGABLE! Final Check-a-roni!

So let’s make this a SCRAPSTORIAN CHALLENGE! By saying this on the blog, I will be obliged (Side notes: I am an Obliger, according to Gretchen Rubin and the The Happiness Project/The Four Tendencies. This AMAZING woman has helped me change my life in SO many ways; I had to give her a shout out or I would not even be doing this challenge at all. Please visit her website or check out Happier podcast, she and her sister are truly rock stars!)

Okay, SORRY, focus … back to what I was saying … where was I? By saying this on the blog I will be obliged to KEEP my commitment (drum roll please) to a year of Stuck Sketches!! (cue the trumpets)

FEEM CHALLENGE DETAILS: From September 2017 to September 2018, I will create a LO for each sketch (2/month) released by the amazing people over at Stuck?! Sketches

To the layout!

Here’s the sketch:

And, ta da, here is my take:

Most of the products used were from Shimelle’s Little By Little set! It’s such an awesome set to work with – colourful, sweet, bright and cheerful!

In the Small Details:

Combing two or more embellishments together (clustering) is an awesome way to ground them to the layout without having to be attached to the main focal point of your page.

Always a Spot For Journaling:

I love this bright fun journal tag from Little By Little! The patterns made for such an easy and fun tuck-a-way journal spot that worked so well with this layout!

I am hoping that not only my sisters in scrap will join me but others out there reading the blog will as well! I mean who doesn’t want a FUN, EASY, EXCITING and MANAGEABLE (FEEM) way to make more time to scrap! Challenges are always more fun with other people!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Shar

Scrapbooker + Story teller + Historian = Scrapstorian. Are you a Scrapstorian?




  1. This page is so fun! I love the pops of bright green, seemingly inspired by your little one’s art! I also love reading your blog posts. They always make me smile! So glad I visited today, and thanks so much for joining us at Stuck?! Sketches!

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