You Are My Happy

Scrap-blocked! Have you ever had this horrible, crafting disease?

It is just awful – here is how it starts … you are in your craft space; your glass of wine or coffee (or whatever your crafting liquid accompaniment); you have your podcast or TED talks or audio book or music primed to listen to; all these amazing supplies and some equally amazing photos in front of you … and BAM! You are scrap-blocked. No matter the paper combo you pull out or Pinterest ideas you pull up, you are not getting any kind of magical, crafty flow at all.

Well this has happened to me on many occasions and I find it’s usually and sadly self-inflicted. I put too much pressure on myself to make the perfect page, to make sure I honour this most perfect picture or memory with a jaw-dropping layout, or I have these amazing supplies and I want to use them only in the most special way. This has been my issue with my wedding photos since we got hitched in 2014!

My wedding is a big deal album and I want it to be amazing. Every time I pull out the photos I think “wow these are amazing, and I want to make sure the page is amazing” … and then I sit there scrap-blocked at my very own making! Sometimes we are own worst enemies, eh?
I had to remind myself of something us Scrapstorian partners in paper say to each other of often in hopes of reducing the scrap-pressure we put on ourselves which is the number one cause of the dreaded scrap-block … there is no paper too special, or picture too amazing – so just get started. You can buy more supplies and you can reprint any photo these days! So just get to it!

So that is what I did –I got to it. I pulled up my trusty go-to Stuck?! Sketches for inspiration; found the Feb 15 2017 Sketch Challenge; and BAZINGA my first wedding photo scrapped!

Here is the Stuck?! Sketches sketch:
Here it is – You Are My Happy – my first wedding photo and one of my favourites we have, scrapped:

youaremyhappylaoutyouaremyhappy_closeup youaremyhappy_closeup2 youaremyhappy_closeup3 I used the new Simple Stories, Love & Adore set for well pretty much the whole thing! What a set, it’s red and pink and so girly and yet so grown up and while made for Valentines is not Valentines-y at all! I also used some random string from my sewing kit, a piece of Recollections Kraft Paper, some Tim Holtz Tiny Attachment Staplers, and my usual adhesive Tombow Mono Multi XL Liquid Glue.

A huge thanks to my dearest Jai Ready and her mad photography superpower!

So just get to it!

~ Brande

Scrapbooker + Story teller + Historian = Scrapstorian. Are you a Scrapstorian?

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  1. LOVE THIS! Love the Simple Stories LOVE & ADORE set!!!!! Such an awesome LO! classy and playful just like the picture!!!

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