My December Daily Disconnect

I generally consider December Daily a success if it’s finished before Valentine’s Day. So far, I am 5 and 0. You’ll notice a very quick flip though of my album below (the app Magisto is super cool, fyi), and you may also have noticed that after about December 6, I didn’t share much about it.

Something was different this year; I started with the best of intentions, some great supplies, some prep work done, and still somewhere around December 7, I felt disconnected from the process. I kept printing the photos and putting them in pockets, but the desire to find the magic moments in each day was nowhere to be found. I just didn’t have it this year.

I completed days 8 to 31 in one day. Honestly. One day. Not because I was extra productive, but because this had turned into something I just wanted “done” and off my scrapbook table. But I couldn’t bring myself to put it away. I left it sitting on my table, and looked at it every time I came in to scrapbook or plan or journal. It was waiting for me.

Today, I knew the best way to finish it; add the family photos and cards we received from friends, add the journalling bits that were missing and a short epilogue. I wrote a quick letter to December 2016 – and to myself. My album ends with the realization that though it wasn’t perfect or fancy, our December, just like the album, was just fine.

I’d love to hear about how you move on from those projects that just don’t excite you anymore. I’m ready to let this one go and scrap something new.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Cheryl

Scrapbooker + Story teller + Historian = Scrapstorian. Are you a Scrapstorian?






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