Project Life-ish

I absolutely love, love, love all of the amazing cards and accessories they offer for the Project Life official or Project Life-like or pocket page scrapbooking in general. I have no idea how scrappers can make those little cards and pockets look so lovely – it is a skill, talent and creativity that this “need more room for my mess” mind just cannot do. To you all that do, I love what you do and I am likely following all your blogs and stuff I love it so much.

Any who, back to my point … I am a through and through right deep in my bones, paper, glue, mess, 12×12 paper canvas scrapbooker and really have no interest in actual pocket scrapbooking. So, how do I find the middle ground between stuff I love the look of (cards and accessories for pocket scrapbooking) and my own style? Well, I found it!

Breaking the plastic wrap (finally) on my Everyday Adventure Stampin’ Up! Project Life cards and accessories (which I bought because I love and not because I even have pocket pages to use them with) and my favourite sketch blog site Stuck?! Sketches and the April 2016 challenge.

Here is the sketch:

April 1 2016 - Stuck Sketches LWD
Stampin’ Up! Project Life Everyday Adventure Cards and Accessory Kit:


Here is my “I found the Zen between pocket scrapbook supplies and 12×12 scrapping” layout:

This photo is just an awesome memory for me. That’s me and one of my little sisters enjoying an all siblings day at the West Edmonton Mall Waterpark. The picture was not meant to be black and white. My camera was on the fritz and this was its last day in memory capturing existence.

Hope you like it, and will come and play with me in the sketch challenge at Stuck?!Sketches.

~ Brande

The following supplies were not hurt in the making of this scrapbook page:
Stampin’ Up! Project Life Everyday Adventure Cards and Accessory Kit (no longer available, I have had it sitting unopened for so long waiting for the perfect page); Color Box Cats Eye Chalk Aqua; 7 Dots Studio Nature Walk, Musical Blooms 12×12 paper, Stampin’ Up! Bright Candy Dots; Tim Holtz Idea-ology Tiny Attacher Stapler; Tomboy Mono Multi Liquid Glue

Scrapbooker + Story teller + Historian = Scrapstorian. Are you a Scrapstorian?  


  1. Do I ever love the layout and the what a great kit!!!! Fun happy and bright which goes with the picture tho it’s black and white there is lots of colours to the expressions! Well done!

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