Ocean Fun

Scrapbooking our extended family January 2015 trip to Mexico with the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection continues and I am loving it as much on this second layout as I did on the first. This was the monthly kit from Scrap Shotz for June 2014 and I have been saving it for this family trip since!

I started with my two really fun photos of my little brother Hunter (9yrs) and me in the ocean. Now, my little brother is a great swimmer but the ocean was a bit of hard work that day with big waves coming in, way too much seaweed floating about, and there were quite a few sharp rocks among the sand. So I was giving him a little help through all of that by lending him my shoulder or arm through the waves and then eventually as a floatation device as we were too deep for him to touch bottom.
I really enjoy the opportunities to be able to be around my littlest siblings as they live hours away and I do not get to see them often. So any chance I can have to bond with the tikes and scrap-ument the experience – I am in!
For this scrapbook layout I employed the “drop it on a background and start tucking and adding” approach. Sounds technical right? Nope! This approach is exactly as it sounds and I would bet is how most of us scrappers get a page going, and I will break it down for you:
Select your photos and see how they look best with each other (side by side symmetrically, titled like I have them with a slight overlap, one on top of another no overlap, etc.) How photos look together is somewhat based on anything in the photo you can or want to hide. For example if there is a smudge on the bottom of a photo that you cannot trim off for example, slightly overlap that spot with another photo to give it an intentionally layered look. No one is the wiser that there is a smudge below. Voila!
Pick a background 12×12 or 8×11, whatever is your scrapbook size of choice, something that compliments the colours in the photo and goes with your theme. This can be a pattern or solid – anything that makes you happy.
Gather up some scrap papers, stickers, embellishments, brads, cardstock, journal tag of the event or sentiment, etc. that matches the background you choose and goes with the theme of your picture and start tucking the bits here and there around the picture you have done until the arrangement makes you happy.
Glue, staple, tape down all the bits – add a few additional embellishments (is there ever really enough?) and maybe doodle a little (I am addicting to doodling with this Simple Stories kit).
Here is some close ups of the tucking and embellishing and doodling I did on this page (steps 3 and 4 above) – no rhyme or reason, I just went for it:


I am continuing to scrap our 2015 Mexico adventure and will share here as I complete my pages!

~ Brande

Scrapbooker + Story teller + Historian. Are you a Scrapstorian?

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