December Daily® Look Back

Hello friends! Are you ready for December Daily®? If you aren’t familiar with the concept, head over to Ali Edwards’ website; I’ll wait. 😉  It’s a great way to record the simple, joyful moments leading up to Christmas. This will be my fourth year and I’ve learned a few things along the way.

My tips:
• Plan ahead, but don’t make yourself crazy.
• Keep notes in a planner or your phone for the days you don’t have time to scrap. (Check out this great Christmas planner!)
• Don’t panic if there are days without photos. Look for stories you can tell about your favourite Christmas ornament or your favourite holiday snack or drink. (Doesn’t every DD have a red cup photo?! 🙂 ). I sneak in one or two stories like that each year.
• Go big! Each of my albums is bursting at the seams.
• Choose products ahead of time and set up a small stash, so everything is within reach.
• Don’t forget to enjoy it! Don’t let DD add to your holiday stress. Keep it fun.
• Don’t worry about the “deadline”. Finish in March if you want/need to!

Here’s a quick look through my past albums. (Find 2014 here, 2013 here and 2012 here.)

~ C

Scrapbooker + Story teller + Historian. Are you a Scrapstorian?



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