What can one word do?

OLW Blog hop hosted

Welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop! (Thanks to Nikki for all the organizing!)

Words have power. One word can uplift, inspire, motivate, energize, remind you or drag you down if you let it. It can help you move forward or pull you back. I half-heartedly chose a word to work on last year but I didn’t really  focus or work on it. This year, I am participating in Ali Edward’s One Little Word® workshop and that is helping keep my word front and centre.

My word for the year is shine. I spent about a week trying to choose a word and this one found me. It kept appearing, inviting me to consider it. I want 2015 to be filled with more optimism, joy, light, and less negativity, judgement and fear. I want to feel light, spread light and allow others to shine with me. I want to take on every definition of shine, from sparkling to excelling.

One month in, and there have been quite a few un-shiny moments, days, weeks even. What having this word present in my mind has allowed me to do is focus what I can do tomorrow, rather than what I didn’t do today. I still struggle and I will continue to. But to shine means to be me; real, true and flawed. It means to acknowledge my struggles, own them and keep going. It means to ask for help, to admit when I feel my most un-shiny, but to also own my victories and be grateful for them.

This may or may not be a major life shift. It may be a big change in small steps. It may bring about clarity, wisdom. It may move me forward. Where this word and this journey take me are entirely up to me. I am excited to make my path and happy to share it with you. I’ll be posting more of my OLW journey here, so come back and check in, okay?

Find out a little more about Ali’s One Little Word® journey here. Check out what my fellow OLWers have to say and link up your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by!
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