Same but Different

What do you get when you take one set of supplies and ship them off to dozens of scrappers with different styles and preferences? You get the Same but Different challenge! Shar, Brande and I are part of a great group of scrapbookers on Facebook and the SBD is a somewhat regular challenge. It’s really amazing to see the different projects, so we thought it would be fun to share them with you.

Here’s the set of supplies we started with:




It included gingham paper, a doily, music note ribbon, brads, guaze, flower dietcuts and a small camera. (Sorry the photos is so small.)

Brande had a great idea. She says, “I made tags! Often when heading (to friends’) for an evening or dinner or whatever, we bring wine and I am always running 10 minutes late because I leave making a tag for it to the last minute. Well. now these are on standby!”




Shar worked the supplies into her own signature distressy style on her layout.




I swear I didn’t cheat with mine. I stamped with the string of bling we were given, coloured bits of the paper and gauze and made it all work into the colour scheme I was going for.



Thanks for stopping by!



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