Scrapstorian Spaces III

Inspired by a regular feature on the Canadian Scrapbooker blog, Shar, Cheryl and I wanted to share where we create with your. Check out Cheryl’s creative space post here, and Shar’s here. It is my turn to share my creative space, so here we go.

Here is a snapshot as you walk into my scrapbook room. Yes, I have my very own room for scrapbooking and I feel super lucky for it. It is the perfect size for my way-too-much-stuff, has two big bright windows, and is just off the living room so I can still hold a conversation with my husband when he is sitting on the couch watching rugby or some other sport. 😉  As you can see, I like to pepper the room with all sorts of creativity-inspiring items (stuffies from my childhood, random pictures on IKEA Spontan magnetic boards, crafts from the little people in my life and more).


My actual scrapbook table is a large desktop found in the IKEA as-is section with the now discontinued IKEA Expedit cube shelves as the replacement legs. Amazing! So sad they got rid of these shelves at IKEA and glad I accidentally (lol) bought up five before they did.

BrandeTableSurfaceI have a huge bright work surface and the extra storage of four 12×12 shelves on each side – and we know any extra storage space or nooks and crannies is high priced real estate for a scrapbooker.


Oh, and speaking of those discontinued IKEA Expedit cube shelves, the bulk of my scrappy storage sits directly behind me or beside me on the same shelves. I have also peppered in some of the IKEA Billy Bookcases too, re-purposed from other rooms in the house.


Some fun storage ideas to share with you:

To organize my embellishments, alphabets, and other items like trading cards and more, I have bought these Michaels Iris Scrapbook Case. These cases are really affordable, quite durable, are 12×12, and go on sale all the time. I have one dedicated to alphabets, texture embellishments, chipboard, stuff for cards only, etc. They lids open right back so you can really rifle through stuff quite easily when looking for that perfect little thing for your page.

Inspired by Shar, I also use these to organize all the pictures and pocket page items for specific projects. For example all of the maps, metro tickets, and pictures for our recent trip to Scotland have their own case and I create a cute little tag for it too. So everything is together and easy to spot on the shelf. When I am done scrapbooking Scotland, I will use it for a different project.

For all of my tiny embellishments, I use Jewellery Making Storage Boxes from Walmart. I really like these cases because they offer so many little pockets, and they snap tightly shut. I have been the scrapbooker picking up and resorting all of my brads because my old storage cases didn’t snap shut fully. Not fun! Also as blogger, I need to make sure I can credit all of the products I use on a posted page – to help me do this, when I add embellishments to the case I cut the label off of the original embellishment package (the company, and name of product) and drop that little piece of paper into the tray as well.


Finally, I really like paper! {Insert your own admission to also loving paper here}. The Cropper Hopper Paper Holder and the Cropper Hopper Page Arranger pockets are the perfect enablers to my obsession. I store my entire paper collection upright in the Paper Holders which really do stand upright quite solidly, and are so easy to look through when picking paper for a page. I store my paper collections together in the Page Arrangers which offer a main 12×12 pocket and some smaller ones on the outside; so all of your paper, alphabet sheets, sticker sheets, 4×6 or 3×3 cards and more of a single collection are all together. The paper Arrangers fit into the Paper Holders. Perfect!


That’s my space … and all this talk about it makes me want to use it, right now!  🙂



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