Sketchtorian VII

So, some of you may know I lost my camera on holidays! Boo! A camera card packed full of memories … so of course not only as a mom, but a scrapbooker, I sure am bummed!

I lost many many, many photos; thank goodness I do have some of them saved to a computer and have many printed! YAH COSTCO PHOTO CENTRE!

People, don’t be silly like me, load your camera card before you go ANYWHERE … start with a clean card and minimize your photo lost crisis! UGH

Anyhoooooooo … My point in my mini-rant was to admit to the horrible quality of photo for the Sketchtorian is cause I lost my key scrapbook tool! (UGH) However, this slightly distorted and poor quality pixelllly photo attempt may help ignite your imagination on where you could take this sketch! Note as well a great place for little keep sakes is the journaling spot; make it act as a pocket for extra photos, pamphlets tickets etc.

Here is the sketch:


A special sketch inspiration note:

This sketch is simply inspired by the feeling I get from certain photos. There are many photos which spark many different feelings and emotions and sometimes those are completely outside of what is happening in the photo. An example is a pic of my sister and I in Scotland; when I look at that photo, I see our photos from when we are kids. I see two little blondies and how far we have come, how much we have been through and how grateful I am for her in my life and the overwhelming gratitude of being in Scotland with her, doing what we both love, together! The smile on my face shows my laughing place, how carefree I felt, and the “everyday” life seemed like a billion trillion light years away … the very idea of a holiday or adventure!

So I challenge you with this sketch to choose a pic where you are at least one of the subjects and  really explore and meditate on the image(s) in the photo and be mindful of the feelings and thoughts that surface. Don’t just look at it and say that was a fun bowling night, lots of laughs; I challenge you to really take away the layers and journal what comes with that memory, your friends, the feelings you have for them or the gratitude you have for them, etc. Open your journaling up to the not so obvious moments of the picture, even the moments where you would say, “I wish I hadn’t gone that night, I would have been happier soaking in the bath tub with a great book.” Have fun with it!

A sketch note:
I know my sketches are a little different then the mainstream beautiful sketches that are out there right now; they are a little messy and doodley and not computer created for a couple of reasons:
1) I am a scrapbooker so playing on paper with any object from glue to a papermate is just dang awesome;
2) It’s meant to inspire and assist your layout instead of dictate it. I would be so delighted to know that my sketch inspired you on the smallest of details like a random brad in the top right corner or a tilt of a photo, to a complete replica, that would be just awesome as well.

I love to doodle, I love to doodle sketches and I have spent over 10 years helping fellow scrapbookers by doodling my ideas to help explain; I usually am too excited to verbalize in a way that can be interpreted!



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