The Musical Chairs Challenge

The Scrapstorian design team spent last weekend at a scrapbook retreat (like we do several times each year) and tackled a challenge we have been putting off for a long time. We’ve always talked about a musical chairs challenge. It may have been a little stressful but we had a great time.

This was our plan:
1) Choose photos.
2) Set a timer for 20 minutes; start working on your layout. When the timer goes off, leave your layout and move over to the next person’s desk.
3) Restart the timer, work on the other layout. When the timer goes off, switch chairs/layouts again.
4) After each person has worked on each layout for 20 minutes at a time, allow each person 20 minutes to finish their own layouts.

(We did allow for a 10 minute “veto” which was invoked only once.)

Crazy fun, huh? We had a few rules, like using each others tools and supplies (instead of taking our own from table to table), ask if there are any “sacred” supplies and work with whatever is adhered to the page when you get there.

We started with this sketch from Colourful Creations, designed by Brenshevia.

Colourful Creations April


So, let’s check out all three stages of Brande’s layout first.


This was her layout after the first twenty minute stint. She moved on to my page and Shar took over hers.


Next, Cheryl spent 20 minutes working on this one.


Finally, it was Brande’s turn to finish her own page.


So, what do you think? Great challenge! Would you trust another person with your layout?

Layouts two and three are coming here and here.


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