Sketchabilities 111

This was a fun one to put together; I love how Sketchabilities sketches always stretch my creativity. The sketches are awesome but the submissions are BREATHTAKING and every one I try, I take it further and further into layering multi-media.


sketchabilties 111

This layout started with a plain 12×12 paper – FabScraps (awwweeesssoommmeee company) Splashes 2. Here is what it looked liked:




Using distress paint from Mr. Holtz and a few of his super stencils (Bubbles, Bamboo and Splashes), a few other stencils, some wood filler, some mists, some ink, a little burplap and a couple of those cool clothes pins you get now that have the tags on ’em … and VOILA! MY LO!




This was the only group photo we had from a vaca with my sisters and my son in Kelowna so it was ultra important that I love the LO!




Thanks again Karan Gerber; you’re my sketch hero!




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