Say Cheese!

When I was introduced to this Say Cheese collection from Simple Stories I was in MOUSE HEAVEN! What a beautiful collection, the colours, the graphics, the embellishments are so awesome I was so excited!
So I started this layout …


Happy dilemma #1 – I flipped through the 12×12 papers several times because I couldn’t decide which pattern I LOVED the most! I wanted to use them all! And since this is my scrapbook’s title page, it had to be the perfect match! So I used the Seeing Stars #3305 (striped side) as my background, the Red Dots/Stripe #3318 (dot side) as my mat and added in my most favourite pattern, Believe #3306. Love this paper … I just have so many awesome ideas I need more! On the background I used a little spritz from Heidi Swapp to give the stripes some texture  .. Beautiful tie in! The results were, well, MAGIC!

Happy dilema #2– What awesome embellishment to use, which journal card to use, which sticker to use … LIKE COME ON! So after fussing with this one and that one and loving them all, I came to the realization that it’s a title page, I can use as MANY as I want. I don’t need to journal, I only have an 8×8 picture to worry about, so lets MASH IT UP! With some layering and strategic placements I smashed as much Say Cheese fun as a girl could! (And yes if this picture was a 5×7 there would have been more!)

I can’t say enough about this set! I just love the colours and the variety and it’s not over “character-ed” so it allows you to use this so easily with any pictures you have of Disney – any age, any area of the park , any theme! Add in some multi media techniques, add in paints, sprays, etc. and the sky is really the limit with this collection. This page was just a warm up; I will follow up with more Say Cheese layouts.  🙂

Way to Go Simple Stories and thank you for the magic! Honestly my sis and I want to go back to Disneyland just to use more of this collection! No Joke!




  1. Great title page Shar! This collection is just so fabulous – I do not blame you for piling on the embellishments, they look so good. This “Say Cheese” collection might as well be called the “Say Please Can I Have All of It” collection – thanks Simple Stories! haha

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