Hello 2014!


(Cuptakes app photo with Instagram filter.)

Happy New Year scrappy friends! Have you made your 2014 resolutions yet? Mine are a work in progress. 😉
I have sorted out my scrap goals for this year and they’re pretty straightforward.

In 2014, I will:
– De-stash 4 times;
– Live by the rule that there is no paper or embellishment so special it can’t be used;
– Stamp more;
– Journal more;
– Start an art journal;
– Scrap more older photos;
– Try more two page layouts (eek);
– Complete more challenges;
– Pay more attention to layout photos and try to make some videos; and
– Buy less and use more! I want to make the best of use of my Scraptastic kits and not buy more than I need.

I know that seems like a lot (and I’m not starting any sort of report card for myself) but I think I can have fun and enjoy my creative time while keeping these things in mind.

What are your scrap goals for this year?
~ Cheryl


  1. Love your list Cheryl! I have to selfishly admit my favourite is the top of the list “De-stash 4 times” .. as your de-stash is usually my up -stash! I find the pages I come up with using de-stashed items are so much more adventurous than if its new, “special” stuff I bought with a very specific vision in mind. Seems I should add your “there is no paper or embellishment so special it can’t be used” to my scrap-olutions too! My overall scrap-olution will be ‘if a technique or product looks cool, try it!’ No more fear, its just paper and ink .. and magic! B

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