Make your Own Paper


Should I not admit that this post was finished but unsaved before my son sat under the computer table and turned off the power? Ahem, where was I …

If you’ve been visiting here often, you probably know that Shar, Brande and I attend several retreats together each year. Each retreat, we challenge each other in different ways; Brande makes me journal more, Shar make me want to use circles, I make them get their hands dirty …

At our most recent weekend retreat, we decided to create our own paper. No real rules, other than start with blank card stock.

Here are all four layouts (the fourth is by Shar and Brande’s mom, Donna, who joined us at the last retreat. She gets to learn from two of the best scrappers I know. ;))


And now, for some close-ups.









Here are some detail shots from my layout and Shar’s. (Sorry I don’t have details of the other two.)


Circles made using mist and a plastic up; I am sure this ideas was inspired by a Two Peas video, but for the life of me I cannot find it!



Studio Calico stamp by Kal Barteski.


So much fun!


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