Making Space

Prepare for some questions and answers today …

Yes, I am talking to myself, technically, but I also want to hear your answers.

How do you make room for new supplies? Are you a one in, one out scrapper? Are you a purge once a year scrapper? Are you a put this in the kids’ craft box scrapper?
– I try to adhere to the new things in, old things out rule. That means I get rid of some paper every time I buy new collections. I am not obsessive about this, I don’t come home and get rid of two sheets if I buy two, but my paper has a place and it has to remain contained within that!

Does that same idea apply to non-consumables, like stamps and ink? How do you store/catalogue/manage your stamp *ahem* collection?
– I noticed I have a tendency to hoard stamps and have to be much more diligent (ruthless?) about what I will and will not use. I probably go through my stamps every few months and donate or sell unused sets. I store small stamps in the packaging on binder rings and store larger ones on a shelf. Stamps are another item than cannot out grow my storage. Every now and then a purge is necessary.
I don’t know if I have ever sorted or culled my ink collection. You never know what colour you’ll need …

Do you maintain a running list of supplies? (I’m looking at my uber-organized retreat sisters here!)
– I finally started to keep a better list of things like ink and pain colours, markers, etc. I need to add spray mists as well. There’s nothing more annoying than bringing home a colour you already own. (Okay, there is, but just go with it.)

How often do you scrap outside the box?
– I love to try new things and get my hands messy. I have a bit of trouble with my expectations for new techniques being too high. Silly, of course things don’t turn out perfectly every time!

What’s the most recent splurge in your scrap room?
– My Silhouette!

Your turn!

(By the way, I got thinking about this because I’m donating to a craft/scrapbook garage sale to raise money for charity. It’s organized by one of the staff members at my LSS. If you’re in Calgary and have items to donate or would like to know when the sale is, email me and I can give you the info I have.)


  1. I also need a “Things I will not buy again” list and a “Remember you don’t use these” list!

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