What is happening to this week?!

Is there a full moon or mercury in retrograde or some other universal weirdness that’s making my house nutty this week? Between 2 am calls to “get my Shrek stuffy”, 3 am calls asking, “Mommy, you love me?” and a five year old in my bed, it’s been a rough week on sleep.

That’s hardly a problem on its own, and really only a problem now because I wanted to get one more layout done before my scrap retreat this weekend. Oh, and there’s also the little task of packing for that. Usually, I pack and repack several times leading up to the retreat. This time, I don’t even have my scrap suitcases out of storage. I leave tomorrow and haven’t printed photos yet!

I sort of planned for some late nights this week, knowing I could accomplish most of what I needed to after the kids went to bed, and then finish up tomorrow during some daycare/school hours. What I didn’t plan on was falling asleep at 7:30 last night! The only thing to do now is hope that extra snooze allows me to get some packing done tonight!

The layout I wanted to post will have to wait. Check back over the weekend, maybe I’ll sneak in a quick photo post. Stop by on Friday too, for some blog hoppin’ and two guest layouts! At least I got that done. 😉

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